Chatral girls six scandal

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Once a fringe religious community seemingly stuck in time, Short Creek has fallen into a spell under its prophet, Warren Jeffs – a spindly, hollow-eyed man who allegedly runs the town despite serving a life sentence in Texas for multiple convictions of child rape.Jeffs has banned all TV and the Internet in Short Creek.His private security force roams the streets in SUVs with blacked-out windows, enforcing church discipline and tailing anyone who passes through town. But not everyone is following Jeffs' orders anymore.

He's not here to defend the FLDS; he's here to take it down.n a January morning in Phoenix, Willie Jessop enters the courtroom through a side door, nods at the lawyers and saunters up to the witness stand.He's a big man – six feet three, well over 200 pounds – and, as usual, is dressed in black.The ambitious, twisted son of the previous FLDS prophet, Jeffs took control and became obsessed with the idea of "perfect obedience." He started kicking people out of Short Creek that he deemed sinners: young men who came to be known as Lost Boys, teenage girls he considered too rebellious and men no longer "worthy of priesthood," reassigning their wives and children to loyalists he felt he could trust.Beginning in 2002, he came under investigation for child rape in Utah.

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